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M.C. Dive Bunaken  and   M.C. Homestay

MC Dive Bunaken dives from the well known Bunaken Island.   Situated at the beautiful beach lies our resort M.C Homestay, a splendid and cozy startingplace to view the beautiful coral reefs of the Bunaken National Park. The resort has nice traditional indonesian cottages in the middle of  a tropical garden and a restaurant wich is famous for it`s food and relaxed atmosphere.

Lonely Planet 2010: Almost in Bunaken village, the last homestay has the best beach. M.C. Homestay has ordinary cottages, but the setting is superb, and the prices are reasonable. One satisfied guest claimed that it 'served the best food in Sulawesi.

Lonely Planet 2012M.C. Homestay is almost in Bunaken village and has the best beach, many travellers have praised the food here.

Tranquil beaches, waving palmtrees and a crystalclear sea, who doesn't dream of that. In M.C.homestay you can experience it and more, only 45 minutes by boat from Manado , the second city of Sulawesi . Even though it is so close to a big city, you can still find yourself in an oasis of peace and quiet in a fully natural environment. Located along the most beautiful beach on Bunaken island is M.C.homestay, the ideal place to experience the luscious coralreefs of the Bunaken National Park . Combine the diving and snorkling with the relaxed atmosphere of a tropical beach holliday.

The location of M.C. Homestay next to the very laidback traditional fishing village desa Bunaken, gives you a unique chance to take a look in the daily life on the island. The famous indonesian hospitality that you will find in the village, is also found in our hotelstaff. That is the reason we call ourselves a homestay. From the cottages you have a splendid view on the sea and the mountains across. The rich coralreef is just outside your door, only a few minutes swimming away. You will be amazed by the diversity of tropical fish and corals that you can find there.

The M.C. Dive Bunaken diving school makes it easy to dive on the surrounding reefs. Not only around the island Bunaken, but also diving around the other islands within the Bunaken National Park is possible.We have well maintained, serviced equipment and a compressor in the newly installed diving centre. Here you can prepare for your dives and/or follow a dive course. You will be brought to the divesites with our own comfortable boat and back again to the hotel for lunch in the afternoon

Take a look around on the website. You will find plenty of information about the hotel and the diveschool. Also you can learn more about the surrounding area and the island with it's many dive-sites. Let us know if you have any questions.


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M.C. Dive Bunaken / M.C. Homestay
Bunaken Village, Bunaken island


postaddress:  M.C. Dive Bunaken
Hotel kolongan Beach indah Jl
Wolter Mongisini Malalayang dua Manado
Sulawesi utara Indonesia.