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Divingcenter M.C. Dive Bunaken 

The M.C. Divebunaken Dive centre makes it easy to dive on the surrounding reefs. Not only around the island Bunaken, but also diving around the other islands within the Bunaken National Park is possible.

Bunaken is a paradise for snorkelers. Most reefs are within swimming distance from the beach. And if you like we can arrange a boat to make a daytrip to one of the other islands for a good price.   In the divingschool you can rent the mask, snorkle and fins on a daily basis.

The combination of professional western English speaking guidance and the area knowhow of the experienced Indonesian dive masters will make your dive safe, worry-free and on the best locations. If you are a Novice or an experienced diver, we at M.C. Dive Bunaken will make sure you have a great diving experience.

We have well maintained, serviced equipment and a compressor in the newly installed diving centre. Here you can prepare for your dives and/or follow a dive course. You will be brought to the divesites with our own and fast comfortable boats and back again to the hotel for lunch in the afternoon.  Together with you we will make a varied dive-plan, specified on your experience, your special interests and the local conditions.

Klik here for Photo`s made bij some of our guests.

For more information on the available dive-spots, please click on the Logo below. Click on the little dive flags located on the Bunaken National Park and Bunaken island map.The divespots of the Dewan Pengelolaan Taman Nasional Bunaken