Adventures in Diving

 Advanced Open Water Diver and Adventure Diver



The Adventures in Diving program is the logical step to take after your Open Water Diver certification. This program's objective is to expose you to various specialty dives so you can continue on your adventure in the underwater world. Each dive is the first dive of a PADI specialty diver course.



The Adventures in Diving program offers two certification options. A diver who completes any three Adventure Dives earns the PADI Adventure Diver rating. A diver who completes the Deep Dive, the Underwater Navigation Dive and three additional Adventure Dives (five total) earns the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.


At Dive Bunaken we offer the following adventure dives:

  1. AWARE - Fish Identification Dive

  2. Boat Dive

  3. Deep Dive

  4. Digital Underwater Photography Dive*

  5. Drift Dive

  6. Multilevel and Computer Dive

  7. Night Dive

  8. Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive

  9. Search and Recovery Dive

10. Underwater Naturalist Dive

11. Underwater Navigation Dive

12. Underwater Photography Dive

13. Underwater Videography Dive

14. Wreck Dive


Price for Advanced Open Water Diver:  270 including all materials, certification, and five adventure dives. A special 16 per dive price after the course.


Price for Adventure Dives is 40 per dive.


*Must be dive two of the DUP course.